Friday, February 10, 2012

Outrageous Diamonds

I went out seeking the biggest, most opulent and expensive jewelry I could find that is on sale right now online and here are the outrageous but gorgeous goodies i came up with;

Click on the images for more details.

This mesmerizing 7 carat European Round Cut Diamond promises to be truly breathtaking, reflecting light in an astonishing manner.

Price: about $115,000

The elegant ring above features five pear shaped diamonds prong set on a palladium band. It's 3.37 carats of brilliance.

Price: about $98,000.

Here we have a rare 4.37 carat pear shaped diamond with immense brilliance.

Price: About $89,000.

This threee stone 3 carat huge diamond is on sale at Sears for about $7,000

This 'diamond wrap' at 4.75 carats is a steal at $4,999.