Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Jewelry App for Shopping on Your iPhone or iPad

Are you looking for a great jewelry browsing and shopping experience on your iPad or iPhone? Whether you seek the most dazzling engagement ring or simply a funky, bold and cheap necklace - you will find it here!

This jewelry shopping app provides you with an easy gateway to the best online jewelers. You can choose from tens of thousands of jewelry items. Featured retailers include Allurez Jewelers,, BodyCandy, Charm & Chain, Gemvara,, My Jewelry Box, Sears, Target and Ziamond.

Expect fantastic savings and free shipping on most products.

This jewelry app is easy and free. Download at the Apple iTunes store and start shopping now!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Leather Bracelets for Women

Leather bracelets (for both men and women) have enjoyed surging popularity over the past three years or so. Here are some best-selling and very inexpensive women's leather bracelets available at Target's online site.

The most expensive bracelet above is $16.99, the others are all a few bucks cheaper. Check out more leather bracelet ideas at Target.

Update: Check out an even better selection of leather bracelets here.