Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 Cocktail Rings for the Holidays

Here's our selection of the top cocktail rings for the upcoming cocktail season.

A simple but large green amethyst surrounded by crisp speckles of diamonds - $379.

A diamond cocktail ring (1/2ct.) in 14K White Gold - $995

A glamorous diamond cocktail ring (1ct.) of brilliant round cut diamonds set in shimmering pink gold. $2,795

Bending Pave Crystal

A multi-gemstone beauty at only $59.99

A zesty cluster of vivid lilac tanzanite (6.5ct.) - $99.95

Champagne and white diamonds (1ct.) - $595

A bold 14K solid gold statement ring (3/4" at widest point) - $749

A statement garnet cocktail ring - $269.99

Lemon Quartz and Diamond Flower - $1,420