Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Online Jewelers for iPad Shopping

Last week we reviewed the few jewelry apps that are now available on the iPad. Most of these apps still direct the shopper off the app and onto their online store for the actual browsing and buying. Some have no option to buy jewelry from their app (not even a link to their online store).

So what is the best way to browse and buy jewelry directly from your iPad? In most cases it is still a better shopping experience to go directly to the jewelers website rather than trying to make a purchase through their app. Many of the leading jewelers have now optimized their websites for mobile and tablet shoppers.

Here are some examples of leading sites which provide a great experience in terms of browsing, shopping and actually buying jewelry from your iPad tablet;

Home Page: 120x60 - RED

My Jewelry Box has built an impressive online jewelry business. Their online sales were $15.2 million last year, an increase of 53% over 2009 sales of $9.9 million. They were the 22nd fastest growing e-commerce site in the US in 2010.

They have a very large selection of diamond rings and their mobile site is optimized for easy browsing and shopping. Their prices are very competitive. Check out their their selection and if you decide to buy something you can get an additional 20% off by using the coupon code "MJB20" (valid until October 31st).

World Jewels has a terrific website for easy browsing, selection and shopping. Their jewelry is excellent quality and their prices are extremely competitive. Many of their products have multiple customer ratings and this is helpful. See for example their best-selling engagement rings.

According to the Internet Retailer, their revenues were $9.1 million in 2010 and they grew at 7% over the previous year.

This is a great site to shop for engagement and wedding rings from your iPad. (They also have a large men's watch collection).


Gemvara is taking an innovative approach to selling jewelry online. They say they want to be the largest company to offer 'user-generated product' in jewelry e-commerce. Though the company is less than two years old they have already raised $25 million in venture capital financing. Their goal is to provide Zappos-like customer service via phone, email and live chat. "Establishing trust between the company and consumers, especially for expensive purchases like fine jewelry, is essential", says their CEO. (Source)
Check out their site on your iPad. Also see some of their best gift ideas including Stackable Rings, Vintage Engagement Rings and Gifts Under $500.

Charm & Chain

Charm & Chain specializes in hip, bold, statement jewelry. They see jewelry as wearable art. Their necklaces and bracelets are popular with many female celebrities and are often featured in women's fashion magazines. 

Charm & Chain was founded in 2008 and named "Best of the Web" by InStyle Magazine and Daily Candy's "Sweetest Things of 2009". They also received a nomination for the Retail Rising Star Award by Fashion Group International. 

They have a beautifully designed and tablet optimized website that's very pleasant to browse on the iPad. See their designer collection starting at $40.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Romantic Necklace Gift

Gemvara is one online jewelry retailer that has been creating some of the most beautiful product videos and posting them on YouTube. Their videos are typically less than half a minute in length. The one above features their "Capture My Heart Pendant". Retail value is $257, sale price is $134.

See their Top 10 Gift Ideas.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lotus Ring

This spectacular "Lotus Ring" won Gemvara's design competition last year. It's priced at about $7,000 to $13,000 depending on the customization selected. Here you see it in white gold with brilliant white diamond accent stones and a stunning white sapphire center.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Best Jewelry Apps on the iPad

As of September 2011, there are still very few jewelry apps available on the iPad. Most jewelry retailers do not yet have a mobile site let alone having invested in developing an m-commerce app. The best jewelry apps on the iPad now are;

(Clicking on the links will take you to the app in the Apple iPad store.)

- Blue Nile
- James Allen
- Ross & Simons
- Simon G.

Surprisingly some very large retailers such as Tiffany's do not yet have an iPad app. (Tiffany's does have an iPhone app though.)

Blue Nile was one of the first jewelry retailers to launch an iPhone app back in late September of 2010. By late December they had over 100,000 downloads of this app and were reporting that people were not being shy about making big jewelry purchases over their iPhone and that they had processed "multiple transactions above $50,000". A few days before Cyber Monday they sold a $250,000 engagement ring via their app.

The first version of Blue Nile's app featured only a limited selection of jewelry from their store. In July of this year, they released an updated version which includes access to their full jewelry line and allows customers to shop by product type including diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Blue Nile says the app drives 25% of their total traffic.

Although you can use the Blue Nile app on your iPad, it is not optimized for the iPad but we can expect to see an iPad version soon. Blue Nile is also featured on the new Google Catalogs iPad app. They are one of four retailers available on the Jewelry section of this app (along with Stella & Dot, Fossil and Sundance).

Ross-Simons released their first iPad app in January and updated it in March. It's essentially a view of their seasonal paper catalogs but also links to their full content online.

Simon G. released their first app in September of last year and updated it in June of this year. The app has a very attractive and clean layout. You can try the selected rings on by taking a photo of your hand and placing the ring over it. You can also share your favorite jewelry picks via email or facebook. But you can't buy any jewelry directly from this app. They do provide an easy store locator function though.

James Allen launched their first iPhone/iPod app in March of this year. The app featured a high definition view of 20,000 actual diamond photos and a large selection of engagement and wedding rings. In June they released an improved update. You can shop directly from their website using this app.

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Sale is offering a great deal on a beautiful one carat diamond engagement ring. It retails for $6,000 but they are offering it for only $2,495. It features a brilliant diamond in a classic 4-prong setting and includes delicate round diamonds set within an elegant 14K white gold band. See more details here: Diamond Ring Sale

Friday, September 9, 2011

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some beautiful one carat diamond engagement rings. Click through the images to see more details about each ring and also to see other similar rings.

These rings are sold at My Jewelry Box. MyJewelryBox.comis a leading online jewelry retailer. They had online sales of about $15 million last year.

This is a gorgeous one carat princess cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band set in white gold. $895

This sleek engagement ring and wedding band set features one stunning 1/4 carat solitaire diamond center supported by 3/4 carats of brilliant channel set round diamonds. It is set in 14K white gold and seems like a really good deal at $995. You can view the video to get a better idea of what this ring looks like here.

Check out this beautiful 1.25 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold (Certified). There are 56 brilliant cut diamonds altogether in this ring. - $1,895.

5 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are some choice examples of very expensive diamond engagement rings. We've selected huge diamonds of the highest quality, each around 5 carats.

The dazzler above is a 4.51 ct. I - SI2 AGS Certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring available in white or yellow gold. Price $72,000.

This fancy yellow cushion cut diamond engagement ring (5.79) carats sells for $42,000 or so.

This stunning ring is 4.09 carats. It's an antique European cut diamond engagement ring and sells for about $29,000.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 10 Cocktail Rings for the Holidays

Here's our selection of the top cocktail rings for the upcoming cocktail season.

A simple but large green amethyst surrounded by crisp speckles of diamonds - $379.

A diamond cocktail ring (1/2ct.) in 14K White Gold - $995

A glamorous diamond cocktail ring (1ct.) of brilliant round cut diamonds set in shimmering pink gold. $2,795

Bending Pave Crystal

A multi-gemstone beauty at only $59.99

A zesty cluster of vivid lilac tanzanite (6.5ct.) - $99.95

Champagne and white diamonds (1ct.) - $595

A bold 14K solid gold statement ring (3/4" at widest point) - $749

A statement garnet cocktail ring - $269.99

Lemon Quartz and Diamond Flower - $1,420